​"Beyond Lead Generation — Cultivating Leads into Sales"

​"Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset  — Clients"

Direct Sales

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"We have consistently high close rates 
AND a high potential for repeat business."

"Our Indirect Sales networks help generate
consistent sales month-in-month-out."

"We use our proven Life Cycle TouchPoints Model  to stay top-of-mind and promote consideration to buy now.
When reaching out, we often get the response:  
​"I'm glad you called. . .let's talk now!"

  • Target Key Influencers that have strong existing relationships with Prospects who generally purchase on their recommendation.
  • Indirect Sales or Influencer Marketing is the 'Next Big Thing' as Buyers have easy access to multiple sources to help them make a decision.
  • Solution-Based Selling to get commitment and Close the Deal. We can complete the transaction or do a hard hand-off to your team.

Indirect Sales (Referral Networks)

B2B Sales Outsourcing: Trusted.  Proven.  Results.

  • Neglecting your Clients by not reaching out to them on a regular basis results in missed Sales opportunities — or worse, lost Clients. 
  • We are NOT a substitute for your Customer Service team; rather, we offer a solution-based approach to Up/Cross Selling and Retention

Client Up/Cross Selling & Retention

Lead Management

"We are very good at listening and understanding the Pain/Needs from the Client's perspective, and
either ​reinforcing your Product
or suggesting additional Products that will help."

​"Expand Your Sales Team with Sales Specialists"

​"Prospects Already Turn to Trusted Sources — Get in the Loop"

Don't let Leads fall through the cracks because a Prospect is not ready to buy now. 

  • Lead Qualification:  Assess the Lead priority or sense of urgency:
    1. Hot Lead:  Ready to talk sales now — Hand-off to your Sales Team, or PST can Close
    2. Cold Lead:  Not a target or good fit for your solution
    3. Warm Lead:  Not Now, Maybe Later — Cultivate or nurture the Lead until they are ready to buy
  • Lead Development (Nurturing):  We use a series of outbound and email contacts to keep the Prospect informed and be ready when they're ready to act. You will miss opportunities if you leave it up to the Prospect to contact you.