Our worry-free Pay for Performance structure has 2 key parts:

  1. Pilot Period:  Fixed price during ramp-up period (just as you would allow for a new sales person that is training and getting up-to-speed)
    NOTE: With the long term potential in mind, PST underwrites a significant portion of this cost 
  2. Rollout:   Again, just as you would pay your own sales people a Base plus Commission, we price the rollout similarly — your Cost per Sale must make sense for both of us. 

"Our Pricing policy must make sense for both of us."

​"Our Pay-for-Performance Pricing Ensures with Sales Growth"

​"We Manage the Cost-Per-Sale that Generates High ROI"

Our Pricing Policy Focuses on the 2 Key Elements that Are Important to You:

"Our Pricing supports our business goal of
​earning the role of becoming a regular, on-going
successful member of your Sales Team."

Scaling Sales Growth

With PST, 'Partnership' means we operate as an extension of your Sales Team. We carry that concept into our Pricing Policy.  As a result, we view our pricing from your perspective — focusing on your Cost Per Sale.

Just as with your internal sales policies, you are happy to pay sales commissions, we structure our pricing in a similar way. 

Return On Investment

B2B Sales Outsourcing: Trusted.  Proven.  Results.

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