Our worry-free Pay for Performance structure has 2 key parts:

  1. Pilot Period:  Fixed price during ramp-up period (just as you would allow for a new sales person that is training and getting up-to-speed)
    NOTE: With the long term potential in mind, PST underwrites a significant portion of this cost 
  2. Rollout:   Again, just as you would pay your own sales people a Base plus Commission, we price the rollout similarly — your Cost per Sale must make sense for both of us. 

​"Our Pay-for-Performance Pricing Ensures with Sales Growth"

"Our Pricing supports our business goal of
​earning the role of becoming a regular, on-going
successful member of your Sales Team."

Our Pricing Policy Focuses on the 2 Key Elements that Are Important to You:

Scaling Sales Growth

B2B Sales Outsourcing: Trusted.  Proven.  Results.

"Our Pricing policy must make sense for both of us."

​"We Manage the Cost-Per-Sale that Generates High ROI"

With PST, 'Partnership' means we operate as an extension of your Sales Team. We carry that concept into our Pricing Policy.  As a result, we view our pricing from your perspective — focusing on your Cost Per Sale.

Just as with your internal sales policies, you are happy to pay sales commissions, we structure our pricing in a similar way. 

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