• Outstanding Relationship Builders . . .We understand that Sales success is about building relationships with your Clients — not just processing a Lead or Sales transaction.
  • Experienced Team . . . You benefit from over 20 years of success in building Models, Processes and Best Practices.
  • Best of Breed Clients . . . We have delivered successful programs for companies that are at the top of their industries.


❏ Are you wasting precious Leads?
     . . . 
either by inconsistent follow-up or focusing only on the Hot                Leads and letting others fall through the cracks?
❏ Are you missing Sales Opportunities?
. . . by not focusing on some geographies or products?  
      Or just want to grow faster than you have been?
❏ Are you neglecting Existing Clients?
. . . by not spending enough time on Retention and Up/Cross-Selling?

If you answered, 'Yes' to any of these questions, then you can benefit from outsourcing with our Partnership Sales Team (PST).​​

Why PST Sales Outsourcing vs In-House?

Take just 5 minutes to find out how we can increase your sales
— and we'll buy the coffee!



Tough Questions To Ask . . . About Your Sales Stratgy

  • Seamless Compatibility . . . We operate as an extension of your Team — understanding your Company, Sales Model, and Products — so your Clients don't experience typical 3rd party problems. Compatibility means that YOU are in control.
  • Category Exclusivity . . . We only represent your products in the markets you determine.
  • Dedicated Sales Team . . .You'll have the highest caliber, professional Sales Team. We are not telemarketers. We don't use off-shore resources.​


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B2B Sales Outsourcing: Trusted.  Proven.  Results.

  • Cost-Effective:  We manage to an effective cost per sale/lead that works for you.
  • Speed-to-Market:  We launch in a fraction of the time it usually takes.
  • Less Risk:  Low cost to trial and no long term commitment.
  • Less Hassle:  Avoid the HR & Legal issues of hiring, training and managing a team.

What is the PST Advantage?


  • Metrics-Driven Approach. . .We balance hi-touch Relationship Building skills with measurable data to maximize our effectiveness.
  • Shared Goals. . . We share your goals so your success is our success.
  • Continuous Optimization. . . Built-in to our approach is a methodology to continually exceed success factors.

​"We are an Extension of your Sales & Marketing Team"